Boxing Fight Hard Work Eduardo Wins, 10-round Good

Boxing Fight | New York | 29/05/2022

Boxing Fight: Eduardo Ramirez Wins, 10-round Good News

Fight Hard Work Eduardo Wins

Boxing Fight Hard Work Eduardo Wins, 10-round Good

New York Eduardo was fighting hard towards his goal.
@Eduardo @Ramírez removed Luis Melendez from his power goal towards the goal, with #EduardoRamírez winning.

Boxing Fight: @EduardoRamirez was on his way to victory, overcoming tough moments on Saturday night.

Talk Mexican Contender pushed player Luis Melendez to a majority in a 10-round 130-pound fight that opened a Showtime pay per view broadcast of Gervota Davis Rolando Romero’s undercard at Barclays Center.

Boxing Fight Hard Work Eduardo Wins, 10-round Good

Bernard Bruni 96–94 John Poturaj overtook John McKay to lead the way and scored a draw in their close match, 95–95.

Los Mochis Ramirez has registered five victories after one loss in 2019. Ramirez ended his fight with great strength.

Boxing Fight: The special feature was that Ramirez drilled Melendez from a straight left and Melendez went past him 1:10 in the 10th round. It was time that was final and the bell rang.

Ramirez threw Melendez into the ropes at the end of the eighth round, flying with his left hand, after which he could not get up and decided to win the next defeat and the fight went on.

Ramirez’s left hook caught Melendez and carried him to the ropes just after halfway through the seventh round.

#BoxingFight: Talk turned his head back with about 50 seconds to go to the sixth round.
In the fifth round of the fight, Ramirez looked aggressive and was attacking hard.

Talking about the first two rounds, both the fights were understanding each other. After that each other began to hit, in which Ramirez was elected the winner on the decision.

#Boxing #Fight:Those watching the fight were supporting each other and giving strength to their players to move forward.

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