MADHAYPRADESH Stamp Registry Ban Nahi Chala Server 20Cr, sad News

MADHAYPRADESH Stamp Registry Ben Nahi Chala Server 20Cr

MADHAYPRADESH Stamp Registry Nahi Chala Server 20Cr

High level meeting begins

Ratlam Madhya Pradesh In Ratlam, even today, registered stamp provider service providers kept on sitting idly by. This is not going on since yesterday but since a long time, when an attempt is made to get an e-stamp and the receipt is received without the print of the stamp.

Along with this, the registrar editor service provider is also very upset and is talking about going on strike from Wednesday.

Ratlam City MLA Chetanya Kashyap is also holding a meeting with Minister Devda regarding this issue. Along with the troubled service provider, the customer-consumer is also very upset due to the server problem in the registration department. Talking on this subject, the MLA asked Minister Devda to solve it soon.

When will there be a smooth system

It is too early to say when the server related problem will be resolved, but it has been said that the problem will be resolved soon.


there will be strike from tomorrow

In view of server problems, service providers are talking about going on strike from Wednesday. After getting more information about this from the service provider, it was found that this problem has been going on for a long time, but the administration department is not paying attention to it, while it is the highest daily earning department, due to which the state gets about Rs. 20 crores revenue is received.

Inspector General of Registration and Superintendent of Stamps, Commercial Taxes Department
Madhya Pradesh government

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Is it not that the government side of the registration department will know from the minister level officer technician that why the side is running slow? And the technician says that we will try to know from the web developer which side is running slow, or why the server is down, why the registry is not being done? Why the form documents are not getting uploaded?


Similarly, the web developer should say that sir, we will ask the software engineer why the side is closed, now it is the turn of the operator, after the software, the software officer will ask the operator or the software itself will say that, operator, you do not know how to run the side . So, sir, the meaning of saying that it has been resolved is that while answering all kinds of allegations and questions on each other, the government site will continue to run in this way or can you say that it will be closed, nothing can be said?

Had this type of side been in the hands of the private sector, it would have probably been far ahead. A living example of this is India’s telecom company, India’s telecom company is on the verge of closure, similarly new companies emerging from private sector, Idea, Vodafone, Airtel etc. are operating at a high level, the answer is in front of you.

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