Russia Zircon missile 2022

Russia Zircon missile

Russia Zircon missile 2022: Letest News | Breaking News | World News

Russia has tested the Zircon missile.

@Russia Zircon missile 2022

During the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, Russia’s Harpersonic missile test is aimed at intimidating Ukraine or not.

Russia Zircon missile 2022 On Saturday, the Navy test-fired a potential missile that is equipped with a long-range attack in the middle of the ongoing war with Ukraine.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the Admiral Gorshkov frigate of the Northern Fleet in the White Sea has launched a Zircon cruise missile in the Bartus Sea.

The missile has a range of 1000 km or 540 nautical miles

Russia Zircon missile 2022: The missile has a range of 1000 km or 540 nautical miles. It proved effective in reaching its target.

We’ll have it in the army by the end of the year

#Russia #Zircon #missile #2022: Russian President Vladimir Putin also said that Zircon is nine times the speed of sound and has a range of 1000 km.

This will become the strength of the Russian army.

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